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"Be A Tree” is an afforestation and tree tagging initiative of Brook N Bees. The initiative aims to create a sustainably managed community forest through crowdfunding.


The initiative aims to create the below impact

Action on  Climate Emergency through afforestation, creating a biodiverse forest and eco-labeling(Forest Stewardship Council)


Rural Livelihood and natural resource – The local community will get access to timber and non-timber forest produce (Sal leaves, Lac, Wild silk, honey).


Action on COVID 19 economic crisis- The pandemic has impacted the livelihood of many migrant and daily wage laborers. A major section of the rural population, who were working in cities are now jobless and the landholding of a small or marginal farmer is not economically viable at the family level. The crop loss due to climate change is on the rise. The initiative aims to push money into the rural economy by providing employment to these migrant and daily wage laborers.

Get rooted like a tree  –Tree donor will get a certificate having the details of the tree planted.  (see tagged certificate).

Know more about our methodologies in designing a sustainably managed community forest. Click here

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