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Q1. How can I adopt a grid?

A. You can register on the link given on the Grid Farms homepage and submit your interest.

Q2. What area do I get access to?

A. 1000 sq feet which is sufficient to grow food for a family of 5 members.

Q3. What are the registration charges for adopting a grid?

A. A grid can be adopted for 6 months ( 6+1 Cycle: One month initial sowing period will be adjusted later as harvest period).

     For eg: When you initially sow the vegetables, the produce will be harvested atleast after 1 month. This 1 month of no produce will         be given as an extra Harvest Period later during the 7th month.


   The adopter has to pay an upfront fee of Rs 6500, followed by a recurring payment of Rs 2000 each month from thereon.

Q4. Can I work on my own on the adopted grid?

A. Yes, You can. But only on Wednesday and Sunday of every week.

Q5. What work will the assigned Kisan buddies do on my adopted grid?

A. Kisan Buddys will sow, transplant, nurture and harvest the crops which you choose for your grid.

Q6. What crops can I grow on my Grid?

A. Only vegetables. The list can be downloaded from the grid farm homepage.

Q7. Can I grow staples (rice, wheat, mustard, etc.)?

A. No but you can pre-book from the community farms of Brook n Bees.

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