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Brook N Bees

Brook N Bees is a for-profit social venture with an idea is to make farming a sustainable and sovereign endeavor. An enterprise, which blends the social fabric of the farmer tribe with modern agriculture technology to make farming an organized sector with organic growth.

Brook word is derived from the poem “THE BROOK” by Alfred Lord Tennyson."Brook" signifies the channels of development. "Bees" represent the communities steering the change

Mission,Vision and Fundamental Principles


Addressing agrarian crisis through synergies



The enterprise aspires to make farming a social venture promoting rural development and sustainable growth.

Fundamental Principles

Creating sustainable livlihood for small and marginal farmers.

Addressing the agrian crisis.

Farm Modernization and Technology adaption.

Creating synergies between communities (Urban and Rural).

Elimination of intermidiary agents.

Sustainable,soveriegn and self reliant farms following best agriculture practices.

Farm to Table model with Food safety and traceability.

About Our Team

The People Behind the Company


Rakesh Mahanty


Rakesh Mahanty the founder ,an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur. A fifth generation farmer.Rakesh had worked in Tata Consultancy Services as a Functional Consultant in Enterprise Solution domain. He presently heads operations, supply chain, networking and legal .


Piyush Ranjan

Marketing  and Strategy

Piyush Ranjan , marketing  and strategy ,alumnus  of IIT BHU.He went on for his management in Strategy and international management at University of St Gallen in Switzerland but eventually dropped to pursue a career in the ecommerce domain in the luxury goods sector of Richemont Group,Switzerland as a Project Manager.


Abhishek Singhania

Farming & Networking

Abhishek, an alumnus of IIT Madras, is deeply passionate about Natural Farming. Currently, he leads the capacity building practice for the National Coalition for Natural Farming. He also has an integrated farm 'Echoes' near Kolkata where he is cultivating over 50 varieties of crops. He has spent a few years in PwC before moving to the development sector. 

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