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Direct Marketing

In direct farm marketing, farm products or services are sold directly to consumers without using an intermediary. Direct marketing helps in ensuring higher remuneration to the farmers and improving the satisfaction level of the consumers. It also contributes to the rural economy by providing alternative marketing channels.


Famer’s Market- Weekly farmers market at various joints in the city to promote farmer’s fresh produce


Aggregation- Aggregation of farm produce and elimination of intermediary agents for better profit realization.


Export & Retail- Producing world-class farm produce and tapping the international markets and hypermarkets.


Farm to Table Model- As the push for local food increases, Urban Community has started to catch on. Some have made it their priority to buy produce and meat within a hundred-mile radius, while others have gone as far as to set up relationships with local farmers and ranchers. Using farm to table practices not only makes the customer happy to be contributing to something sustainable, but it also results in delicious food.

The farm to table movement is only at its inception. As it continues to grow and inspire sustainable practices, it just might end up changing the entire industrial food system.

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