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Farm Design


Farms are designed adopting agroecological principles to achieve sustainability in terms of production and livelihood.


  • Infrastructure

  • Energy efficiency

  • Water Management

  • Machinery adoption

  • Land Productivity and layout

  • Natural Forces –Wind, Water flow

  • Environment



Irrigation Planning

Farm Promotes micro Irrigation to meet the water crisis. Planning is done considering the below parameters


Soil type- Sandy, Clay, loamy

Land type-Upland Low Land

Crop type-Rabi Crop, Kharif crop


Crop Planning

Crop Planning and area allocation for a farm are done adhering to the below parameters.

  • Water Availability

  • Climate

  • Soil and land type

  • Economy and return



Adoption of Modern Technology

The adoption of technology mitigates production loss and a higher yield for a given area. Farms adopt below methodologies


Precision and Protected farming- Greenhouses, Shadenets, Nursery, Pack houses


Micro Irrigation-Drip irrigation, Raingun, Sprinkler


Cropping Methods- System Rice Intensification (SRI), Multilayer Farming, Intercr

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