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Impact on consumers
  1. Access to rural communities

  2. Better health through nutritious food

  3. Food Traceability

  4. Recreation

  5. Experience of being a farmer

Impact on farmers
  1. Employment and livelihood to rural communities

  2. Assured income for the farmer

  3. Promote sustainable farming

  4. Act on climate change


Your few 'Kisan buddies'

Kishun Photo.jpg

Kishun Hembram

I am from Kakidih, Patamda.

My skills: Operating farm machinery, seed bank keeper, and implementing modern farm technologies 

Pawan Photo.jpg

Pawan Singh Sardar

I am from Aguidangra, Patamda. My Skills: Crop nutrition management, pest management, and maintaining operation schedule.


Khudiram Hembram

I am from Kakidih, Patamda. My skills: traditional methods, seed saving, nursery management and composting.

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